Landscape Design Parameters

Landscape Design Parameters

We refer our design services to professional designers who charge for their design services. Why is this necessary?

First and foremost, there is value in this. Time and ideas are valuable and worth compensation.

We do offer a free initial consultation to discuss concepts but with no specific designs discussed.

a) Up to three client meetings;
b) Preparation of a landscape concept plan depicting:
c) Layout of hardscape surfaces;
d) List of suggested plant material;
e) A copy of the conceptual design

Fees for additional services beyond those outlined in this contract shall be negotiated at the time such services are requested.

The fee for services listed above is payable in two installments: 70% is due upon commencement, and 30% is due upon delivery of the completed concept plan.

a) Civil or structural design/engineering;
b) Surveying;
c) Illustrative details showing the general construction of elevated hardscape items.
d) Plan processing fees associated with the items above;
e) Any work not specifically outlined in this contract

In the event that a homeowner wants a bid on a completed landscape plan, we do not charge for estimates to do work.