Ponds & Water Features To Add to Your Landscapes | Enviroscape LA

Ponds & Water Features To Add to Your Landscapes | Enviroscape LA

Today’s ponds and water features are broken up into three divisions.
1. Water gardens
2. Koi ponds
3. Pondless waterfalls

In order to achieve your water feature goal, you must first decide which feature best suits your needs. We will attempt to define each of the three categories, beginning with “water gardens.”


The water garden is, just as the name implies, a garden of plants that grow in water and may coexist with fish and perhaps turtles. Water gardens have sometimes been called ecosystems because they replicate a biological system found in nature. Water gardens exploded on the scene in the late 1980s and are by far the most popular water features.

The second type of water feature is called a koi pond or “koi kichi” pond. The koi pond is the oldest type of man-made pond in our modern world. Koi ponds usually implement backwash filters and UV sterilizer lights. These ponds are usually deeper than water gardens, and the aim of a koi pond is to achieve the best water clarity possible.

The third most popular water feature is the pondless waterfall or pondless stream. This type of water feature is a rather late invention and consists of streaming waterfalls that dump into a bottom reservoir and recycle the water with a bottom pump.