Pondless Waterfalls for Safe, Beautiful Landscapes

Pondless Waterfalls for Safe, Beautiful Landscapes

Many people do not have room for a pond or may have small children but love the sound of running water in their landscape. So why not try a pondless waterfall or stream?

When we’d get calls from a couple with a toddler who had safety concerns regarding their toddler falling into the water, we used to turn these jobs down. Now, we take delight in installing water features where infants and toddlers can romp around.


What is a pondless waterfall or stream? It is a specially constructed waterfall that, at the bottom, dumps into solid rocks which house a sump area lined with an EPDM liner. In short, you can have your cake and eat it too!

The pondless waterfall gives you a real streambed with rushing water that streams in a solid bottom area, thus removing any safety issues which might normally arise.

Once the kids are older, any pondless waterfall can have a pond added in the future so that the entire family can experience the joys of water gardening and koi fish. Pondless waterfalls are the most maintenance-free water features you can have in your yard, and unlike a fish pond, you can turn your pondless waterfall off at night, which results in saving energy.